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Monday, 17 September 2018

September 17th 2018

One of Gail's oldest-serving friends told me today that they looked forward to my 'blog' on here and got some solace from it; I know I said I needed to break away, but I'm now thinking I need to continue in this vein for a while as I'm not sure where I will go - possibly the asylum - if I don't have this vent. With that in mind...
Can't work for two weeks so I used today to sort through the keepsake box. There are some heartbreaks moments and some laugh out loud things in there. I liked this though.
I've cut the then boyfriend - soon to be husband out - not for entirely altruistic reasons but merely for the sake of privacy, and I ask you just to feast on the fashion statement. I told Gail she should have kept this one!

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