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Monday, 17 September 2018

Mad Facebook Loony Part Two

Billy Blagg was remembering you.
The Return of the Loony Widowed Facebook Poster
I'll be honest, this one freaked me out a little.
Best mate Paul is staying and helping look after me for the weekend. I'm in a bit of pain so he went to investigate caterwauling from upstairs. Strange cat Puffy - see previous post - had somehow gotten into the house (no windows were open so he must have walked in the patio doors right past me) and was confronting Buzz, Gus and Ziggy on my landing. Paul thought Puffy was one of mine, till I explained, intervened and opened the bathroom window so the now friendly intruder could escape.
Two hours later, I was sitting on the settee when I heard a thump from upstairs in the bathroom; the sound of a cat jumping in. "You better not be coming in again, Puffy" I called from where I was sat in my lounge.
My phone, which was sat on the opposite arm of the settee and which I'd not been using, and which I have never talked to in the three years I've had it (I don't even know how to turn voice recognition on), suddenly burst into life - making Paul and I both jump - playing PUFF Daddy's Sting-sampled 'I'll Be Watching You'. Puzzled, I picked up the phone and a window had opened with the lyrics on view "Every day I wake up / I hope I'm dreamin' / I can't believe this shit / Can't believe you ain't here."
Explainable in an unlikely way, I know, but we both admitted to getting goosebumps on this one. Another chapter slots into place...

Rose She ain’t gonna leave you alone...😬


Margaret I’m getting goosebumps and I’m not even there!
Hope your feeling a little better x


Monica Soulmates......she will always be there when you need her 💜💜 Gail Thorne was just looking in on you . Hope your feeling better 💜

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