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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Just dropped in...

... to quote Kenny Rogers 'to see what condition my condition was in'.

I'm still here and wouldn't like you to think I'm neglecting the Blog spot - although strictly speaking I guess I am - but I've a regular column at the East London Guardian, which you can find here at Guardian Sports and I'm still on the ESPN West Ham page several times a week here ESPN WHU Blog and I don't see the point in regurgitating it all here. If you like then you can look yourself and if you're not fussed then fair enough.

If you want to follow my Twitter page then you can find me at billyblaggesq where much the same goes on but in fewer words.

Of course, there will be links here to the Advent Calendar every December but as I sit watching the daffodils in  a vase on my window, I hope you won't mind if I ignore that until a better time.

There will probably be cat photos though..oh yes!...there will probably be cat photos.

Following the sad death of Puss-Puss aka Paolo di Cattio last July, a small cattery has sprung up to try and replace him. Fifteen-year-old Morris is still here and he has now been joined by two-year-old British Blue Ziggy and two kittens in the shape of Buzz and Gus. Their photos are already on this page, but I will update them in the coming weeks.

OK Now go off and do something more productive!

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