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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Day 8 - 'I'll be Home on Christmas Day' - Elvis Presley

I'm fully aware that if it wasn't for the man from Tupelo then rock music wouldn't be what it is today but, coming from a generation after Elvis, I've sometimes found it hard to deal with the post-Army, Vegas years and found his Christmas output veers towards the cloying.

This though is a reminder of what made Presley the icon and legend he was to become; a slow bluesy number with echoes of the Gospel music that so defined his unique approach to pop music. Great vocal - natch! - nice organ and guitar work and a groovy melancholy feel, I'm not sure what year this was recorded but it's great stuff.

If I had any sense at all / I'd just be on my way / I'd catch that train tomorrow / I'd be home on Christmas day

Loads of versions on Youtube but I've been listening to this one:

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