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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Day 22 - Christmas Day (I Wish I Was Surfing) - Emmy the Great with Tim Wheeler

There have been an extraordinary number of new tracks and albums of Christmas music this year and Emmy and Tim's 'This is Christmas' appears to be the one that most critics seem to favour with august journal NME giving it a hefty 7 out of 10 while awarding only 1 to Smith & Burrows, for example. Me? I think they're fucking idiots...

Emmy is a folk, indie singer / songwriter while Wheeler is the lead guitarist and singer with Ash and a massive Arsenal fan - 'nuff said - and this is one of a growing number of collaborations they've put together and, to be fair, they have tried to move away from the more obvious Yule cliches with a bit of humour and a marked absence of jangly bells and choirs.

I'm running out of days here and my thinking is that some of the stuff I've found I can use other years but I doubt I'll be dusting this off next Yuletide. 'I wish I was surfing' is the best of the album for me though, imbued as it is with a bit of Fountains of Wayne and a dash of Ramones. To be fair, I can imagine there will be those who will enjoy '(Don't call me) Mrs Christmas', 'Sleigh Me' or 'Zombie Christmas'. Many of the tracks can be found on Youtube so don't let me stop you from giving them a festive ear over the coming week.

As for me, well I like a bit of gloom with my pudding...

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