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Friday, 16 December 2011

Day 16 - '8 Days of Christmas' - Destiny's Child

Hey, that Jay-Zed fella's pretty smooth ain't he? All the money he must have made from them records and he gives the lovely Beyonce a 'back rub and a foot massage' on the fourth day. I give that to my Mrs every day so I reckon she's one lucky woman!

Better though, on the fifth day he gives her a poem and on the last day, quality T-I-M-E ...ok the last one is a bit of a stretch if West Ham are at home...but still. I suppose he does the honourable thing with the keys to the CLK Mercedes on Day 2 but I think it's the least she should expect really.

Anyway, it's the last working day before Christmas and it's PARTY TIME so roll up the rug, get yer Uncle on the old Joanna and rock along to this great festive tune. Michelle, Kelly and Beyonce in Santa suits and listen out to the harmonies at the end. If you don't like this then you should check your pulse. Great stuff, girls!

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