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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Day 15 - 'The Christmas Waltz' - She & Him

Another new one and, in a Christmas period that is generally reckoned to have had more than it's share of crackers, most critics are rating the album from which this track is taken; 'A Very She & Him Christmas' very highly.

SHE is Zooey Deschanel, actress singer and ukelele player (she sung in the film Elf)  while HIM is Indie Guitarist and Producer M. Ward. On the album there's a vaguely amusing version of 'Baby, it's cold outside' in which the male and female roles are reversed and covers of 'Little Saint Nick'. 'The Christmas Song', 'Blue Christmas' and many others.

But the whole thing leaves me as cold as the airfield I was standing in on Tuesday (don't ask - I can't say!) and the main reason is - unlike most people who have commented on the Youtube site where you can find all of the album - I can't abide Zooey's vocals.

That little girl lost tone, the sparse production and sense that I've stumbled into an in-joke just does nothing for me I'm afraid and I won't be giving this any house-room this Solstice. You may want to check it all out though as I seem to be in the minority.

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