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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Day 13 - 'Christmas just ain't Christmas Without the One You Love' - The O'Jays

A surreal evening: dressed fully in a Santa costume - complete with false beard - for a Quiz Night I run here in Blaggland, I found myself back at home at midnight and needing to do the weekly chore of putting out the rubbish for collection the following day.

'Pointless getting changed' Methinks, carrying black sacks full of old carpet that we had pulled up last week. Toting said bags from back garden to front requires a walk along the road where I was seen by some people in a passing car who really must have thought they'd overdone it with the Remy Martin.

I rather fancy that in a thousand years time there may well be a additional story to the traditional Christmas tale, whereby a skinny bloke in a red suit brings sacks of carpet to kids who are bad. He is accompanied on his travels by a fat black and white cat, who hates the rain and makes strange noises, getting under the feet of Skinny Santa who swears liberally as he carries his wares to be spirited off to the Great Tip of Col-Chestere.

Todays' song says it all quite simply and charmingly. A great Gamble / Huff composition 'Christmas just ain't Christmas without the one you love' - and don't forget it!

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