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Monday, 12 December 2011

Day 12 - 'When the Thames Froze' - Smith and Burrows

Well, five years on and I guess it's time for another first. Blog supporter -- one 'Takashi Miike' -suggested this yesterday and, though it's not the first tune to find it's way onto the Calendar from a punter's suggestion, there's never been such an immediate response before. This is magnificent though and needs to be heard now.

A combination of Editor's frontman Tim Smith and ex-Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows shouldn't, you'd think, be able to produce such a stunning addition to the Christmas songbook, but done it they have, with Q Magazine calling this 'a Christmas anthem for modern times'

Good news is there is a festive-themed album, 'Funny Looking Angels' and I tracked it down after hearing this song for the first time barely eight hours ago and there's not a duff note on it. I've bought the whole thing as a result of the trail this one track took me on at Youtube and, after listening to Little Mix warble their way on X Factor tonight, I urge everyone to go and buy S&M's single and make it Number One this Christmas.

I'm made up - this has made Christmas 2011 for me and there's a festive brandy being raised in Blagg Acres this evening to Takashi Miike wherever he may be.

Listen to it here: When the Thames Froze

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